Pound puppy

I learned another nickname.  This one is for one particular offender.  The story behind it says he was out on probation and decided to please himself with a dog.  He also recorded it and his PO somehow saw the video.  He was placed behind bars and now both inmates and officers call him pound puppy.  I just about died when that story was explained to me when I asked why he is called that.  Just shows the sense of humor you sometimes have in this line of work.

Weiner Walker?

New lingo seems to always have a funny story behind it.  Today, a few of us were telling stories of some of the crazy inmates we have had.  I mentioned Mr. F and everyone knew who I was talking about.  The Sgt asked if he was one of the weiner walkers.  I gave him quite the confused look.  Weiner walker?  What in the world is that?  I should have known.  Turns out we have guys that tie strings to their, ahem, manhood and walk them like a dog.  Hence, weiner walker.  There are just so many things I could have gone forever without knowing or seeing that I see everyday.  This is one of them.  And btw, your welcome for the picture image I just know you had as I told you what a weiner walker was.


I was recently moved to a new area of the prison so I don't know all of the inmates yet.  Yesterday, we performed some bunk searches where we are looking for anything the inmates are not supposed to have.  I was assigned a particular bunk, which is a little unusual.  Generally, I get to pick what bunk I search.  I didn't think much of it and went ahead with the bunk search.  I was able to find a large amount of stuff, tho nothing serious like drugs or weapons, but things that needed to be taken nevertheless.  After the search, one of the other officers said she was really excited for me to talk with this inmate.  He happened to be out at rec at the time so I had to wait for him to come back to go over the list of things I confiscated from him.  She said she was so excited that she would come in on her day off if that happened to be the day I talked to him.  When the other officers heard who I performed the bunk search on, they also said they wanted to watch.  It was like a movie to them.  I actually half expected them to pull out the popcorn and sit back and watch.  This is not a typical reaction but I guess this guy has quite the attitude.  That, and officers have to get entertainment some way.