Helping or hurting

I found this great comic on .  It is so true and fits what I have been feeling.  I love these comics!

Cartoon about inmate in prison getting more than deserved.
We are trying so hard to keep these guys (and gals) from coming back to prison so we offer all kinds of opportunities.  It does make a difference.  BUT, what about those that don't offend?  Those that keep the laws?  We work our tails off each and every day and have to choose between paying bills and eating.  We only see a doctor when we have the money, even in dire circumstances.  Most of us can't afford to attend college or university and those that do attend end up owing money for the foreseeable future.

The offenders are given free meals, free education, a fabulous rec area, and classes in different areas like wood working, knitting, and paper folding (they don't call it origami in prison).  They are given the opportunity to learn trades like cabinet building, mechanics, and plumbing.  Some of these guys that are able to work outside the facility while in prison make more that my spouse and I combined. I would love the opportunities that are available to these guys.  Not enough to become an offender, but you get my drift.  How do we take care of law abiding citizens as well or better than our prisoners?  I haven't figured that one out yet, but I do think it is important.  After all, many of these offenders return after seeing how tough life is on the outside and isn't that the very thing we are trying to prevent?