For HIS protection

I was working the front lobby today when I got quite the phone call.  A lady was wanting all kinds of information on an inmate.  When we are trained, we are trained to never release information about an inmate over the phone.  We have no way of verifying who it is on the other end and if we release information to somebody, we could be releasing it to an enemy and could be placing the very life of that inmate in jeopardy.

So I explained this to the lady and she was very upset.  She then told me that her husband is in the marine corp so they are in charge of us.

All I could think was, Wow.  That is quite the twisted way of trying to get what you want.  Really?  I still refused to release that information so she of course insisted on talking to my supervisor who told her the same thing.  Guess protecting her supposed "son" isn't that important to her, but it is to us as well as my job.

Divided we fall

How many times over the last decade or so have you heard the words, "United we stand, divided we fall?"  Usually it is used in speaking about the United States but can be used in other regards.  It holds so true, including in corrections.  It seems to me that many officers don't seem to understand this.  They have no issue bickering and fighting with other officers including in front of the inmates.  This drives me insane!  These guys will use whatever they can to split us up to get what they want.  Why give them more?

I am not saying we should all get along all the time.  That isn't going to happen.  With this many different personalities, not everybody will mesh well.  Just don't show the inmates.  Don't fight in front of them, don't bash other officers, and don't let on there are issues.  They need to see a united front.  If you have an issue with another officer, speak to them in private.  Work it out away from the offenders.  Don't let it tear your unit apart.  Agree to disagree sometimes but ALWAYS have each others backs.  Don't risk the safety of those around you being selfish.  If you can't get over it, maybe you are in the wrong career.

Nature's purse

One thing I will never understand is the use of nature's purse.  I guess I have never been that desperate but still, really?  We have one guy that now has to wear adult diapers because of his constant use and it isn't for anything that seems worthwhile.  This is a guy that they will do a strip search on and then take to the shower and he comes out with shampoo and soap he didn't have before (or so it seemed).  He was taken on transport one day (which also has a strip search performed before on) and ended up with six legal envelopes that he didn't have before.  He has had ajax bottles and all sorts of stuff up there.  What in the world makes someone decide to stick these things up their rectum?  And to do it often enough that you loose the ability to use it what it was meant for?  No thank you!

Preschool attitude

When posted in medical, I get the opportunity of assisting the nurses with treating the diabetics.  Each nurse has their own way of doing things.  The nurse I was working with explained how she liked things done and we went from there.  The inmates began loading medical and we started treatment.  One particular inmate wanted to be first.  The nurse explained how we were doing things.  He wasn't happy and continued to complain.  I stated that we are doing things the way the nurse explained and we were not going to argue about it.  He continued to argue and I once again told him this is the way it is being done today.  He then replies, "Stop treating me like a 3 yr old." Apparently refusing to argue means I am treating him like a 3 yr old.  He then slams the door and begins a temper tantrum.  He is literally stamping his feet and whining.  He is indeed acting like a 3 yr old.  Well, if you don't want to be treated like a 3 yr old, maybe you should try not acting like a 3 yr old.  Just sayin.  This job is so much like working in a middle school sometimes, other days, more like a preschool.

Bend and squat

Recently we had an officer performing a strip search on an inmate.  This particular inmate is a very large man.  As strip searches go, one of the least fun as is.  Well, this particular time as the inmate was told to bend and squat and the officer leaned forward to check for contraband, the inmate ripped a large, stinky one.  The officer just about fell over.  The smell was horrible.  The officer then asked the inmate, "Did you seriously just fart in my face?"  The inmates response was just great.  He said, "Yeah, just showing you I ain't carrying anything up there."  Touche.