For HIS protection

I was working the front lobby today when I got quite the phone call.  A lady was wanting all kinds of information on an inmate.  When we are trained, we are trained to never release information about an inmate over the phone.  We have no way of verifying who it is on the other end and if we release information to somebody, we could be releasing it to an enemy and could be placing the very life of that inmate in jeopardy.

So I explained this to the lady and she was very upset.  She then told me that her husband is in the marine corp so they are in charge of us.

All I could think was, Wow.  That is quite the twisted way of trying to get what you want.  Really?  I still refused to release that information so she of course insisted on talking to my supervisor who told her the same thing.  Guess protecting her supposed "son" isn't that important to her, but it is to us as well as my job.