Another incident where drugs has obviously messed with the mind of someone.  We had an offender that is known for using drugs.  The guy was so out of it that he had it in his head that he was sitting inside his cell even though he was in the dayroom.

So this inmate then proceeds to smoke some spice, thinking he is being all sneaky.  Of course he is doing this in front of everyone.  Then, to draw even more attention, he drops down into a seizure in the middle of the dayroom for the world to see.

When officers and medical came onto the tier to help him out, he still had it in his head that he was in his cell and had been the whole time.  Even after coming out of the seizure and returning to normal (for him anyway), he is still convinced that everything happened in the cell.  He isn't old or anything, just thoroughly messed in the head I guess and I don't suppose being in prison that the drugs he still uses are of any real quality.  Who knows what all is in anything he is smokin'.

It has spread through the facility lately like wildfire.  They can make it here pretty easily.  I have to ask why.  So far, we have seen many offenders end up in seizures and throwing up all over the place.  I mean, if you are going to risk it all to get high, shouldn't it at least be a fun high?  I don't know about you, but to me, seizures and barfing doesn't seem like any fun.