Horse play

Inmates in prison have interesting rules.  They may not make sense when you first see them, but understanding the reasoning helps it make sense.  One of those particular rules is horse playing.  Inmates aren't allowed to horse play due to the fact that they not only tend to get injured, but it is often tough to tell if they are actually fighting or just messing around.  There are more reasons as well, but those give you a gist. 

When inmates are caught doing something like horse play, they are given a disciplinary report that comes with consequences.  This is important to know to understand the following story.

While performing a cell search, one of the officers I work with found some horse porn.  That's right, horse porn.  There IS such a thing.  I am not going to describe it as I am sure your imagination can come up with images all on its own.  Anyway, any kind of porn is not allowed so this officer confiscated the images.  She then wrote up a disciplinary report under the heading of horse play and sent it and the images to the unit Sgt.  This was of course all done in fun and was not meant to be serious.  We all got a laugh out of it.  Sometimes its the most stupid things that can make your day.