Damned if you do, damned if you don't

You know how there are just some situations that are impossible, like no matter what you do, you are in the wrong.  We seem to be in that situation in the country right now.  This is a very hot topic right now and there needs to be discussion.

We recently received a phone call from a very upset momma of an inmate housed in our prison.  This inmate just so happens to be African American.  We all know what is going on all over the country right now with law enforcement and black lives matter etc.  It is pretty serious and is something that needs evaluating. There is so much that goes into it so I don't have time in this particular blog, but it does need mention in order to understand what was so tough about this momma's request.

You see, her request really put us in an interesting position.  She had an issue with the fact that there are not enough African Americans in our prison.  She wants a bigger group here for her son.  So, what exactly are we supposed to do?  Go out of our way to arrest more African Americans so her son isn't in such a minority?  I am sure that would go over great with people all over the country.  After all, we would be doing it for her son and his comfort. I am sure she would be just fine with that.

Or do we upgrade misdemeanors to felonies of African Americans?  No way!  So, how do you suppose we make prisons more equal in regards to the colors of inmates?  We don't!  There will never be an exact number of all colors just as there will never be the same number of blonds, brunettes, and red heads, and that is ok.  Stop babying your kid and let him learn to live in the world he lives in.  After all, that may be why he is here in the first place.

Seriously, sometimes there is just no way to please people.  They will always find something to complain about.