Preschool attitude

When posted in medical, I get the opportunity of assisting the nurses with treating the diabetics.  Each nurse has their own way of doing things.  The nurse I was working with explained how she liked things done and we went from there.  The inmates began loading medical and we started treatment.  One particular inmate wanted to be first.  The nurse explained how we were doing things.  He wasn't happy and continued to complain.  I stated that we are doing things the way the nurse explained and we were not going to argue about it.  He continued to argue and I once again told him this is the way it is being done today.  He then replies, "Stop treating me like a 3 yr old." Apparently refusing to argue means I am treating him like a 3 yr old.  He then slams the door and begins a temper tantrum.  He is literally stamping his feet and whining.  He is indeed acting like a 3 yr old.  Well, if you don't want to be treated like a 3 yr old, maybe you should try not acting like a 3 yr old.  Just sayin.  This job is so much like working in a middle school sometimes, other days, more like a preschool.