There is no privacy in prison, even as a Sgt

I was working front desk again and bored out of my mind.  There really isn't much to do when you work front desk other than letting visitors into visitation.  During the time that visitors were beginning to enter, a little old lady asked if she could use the restroom cause she really had to go.  I let her back into the area where the restroom is located and saw that it was in use so I just asked her to wait until whoever was in there was done and then headed back to my post.

A few minutes later a Sgt comes rushing out looking very upset.  I asked him what was going on as he is pacing back and forth with obvious frustration.  He then tells me that he headed up front to use the restroom so he could poop in private.  Just as he settles in, this little old lady begins pounding on the door and asking him how long he is going to take.  Then she asks him if he is almost done.  She continues to knock and bug him until the poor guy gives up and comes out.  He was so livid that it just made it that much better.  I wish I could have captured his face on camera for you.  He won't be living this one down anytime soon!

"You done yet?"