Radio traffic

We had an inmate PC up yesterday.  What that means is that he was threatened and could no longer live on the tier.  The first officer (we will call him officer A) to talk with the inmate was not able to get any names from him.  I began speaking with him and was able to get a name out of him.  I had an idea of who it was any way and it turned out to be true.

So, officer A began the paperwork to have this inmate moved while I began our much needed tier checks.  None of us had ear pieces in at the time as it was after dayrooms were closed so we don't tend to wear them at that point.

Just as I was on the tier belonging to this particular inmate and just so happened to be walking past the cell belonging to the inmate that threatened him, officer A got on the radio and announced that the inmate was PCing up and which name he had named.  Think about that for a minute.  One simple sentence just put the life of this inmate in danger.  The inmate he ratted on is a heavy in a gang.  He will spread the word and this inmate will not be safe anywhere.  Officer A is a veteran officer.  He has been working in this prison for nearly a decade.  He knows better.

I simply got onto the radio and advised him of where I was.  He knew immediately what he had done.  Only time will tell what will become of it.  Hopefully he was not heard, but I highly doubt it.  These guys have nothing better to do than watch us and listen, especially when they know something is going on.