Would you hire a convict?

If you owned a business or were in charge of the hiring at a business, would you hire a convict?  Most people would say no, absolutely no way.  Why would you risk it?  You know they can't be trusted and you would have to watch your back.

Would it help to know that they were someone you needed to watch vs someone that may not have ever been convicted of any crime but is far dirtier than the convict himself.  Would it help if it was a convict with a family that was set on making things right and caring for his family and just needed a chance?  If nobody is willing to hire him, how is he expected to be a decent citizen?

Would you hire on if you received a tax break?  Many states give employers tax credits if they hire a convict within a year of their release.

A study in Texas compared convict employees and regular employees found that a convict was more likely to stay longer and be more grateful for their employment vs the regular employee.  Would that make a difference to you?

Would his charge determine whether or not you were willing to hire him?  What if his charge was related to smoking marijuana vs murder?  Would you hire a sex offender?

This is a debate many businesses deal with daily.  There are some very supportive businesses out in our area that hire more convicts than anyone else.  They pay less but they also run the risk of loosing business if customers know they hire convicts.

What conditions would you like to see in order to hire a convict, or would you ever even consider it?  What are your thoughts on the subject?