Bullying in prison

Most people know that bullying goes on in prison.  The endless teasing and put downs as well as trying to force others to do what you want regardless of the consequences.   What most people don't realize is its not just the inmates.  The officers can be just as bad.

I have not had the bullying focused on me but I see it in others all the time.  It often reminds me of middle school.  In middle school, I was more mature than most my age so I wasn't a bully or bullied.  I was just there.  The same happens here.  I see the "popular" officers putting down the overweight, not as good looking, and those with disabilities.  I see the pretty girls putting each other down, jealous of one another, and even starting rumors about each other.

I have watched as someone sneaks onto another officers computer and sends obnoxious emails to someone else and embarrassing the officers involved.  I see as officers have called others snitches, narcs, etc.  These are behaviors I expect from the inmates but we are supposed to be better than that.  We are supposed to teach these guys how they should be treating others, how to live their lives.  We should be showing them something to live up to.

As peace officers, we are held to a higher standard, as it should be.  When my kids deal with bullying in school, I can't tell them it stops when they become adults.  I can tell them it does get better, but it doesn't fully go away; even in professions such as this.  How can we expect our children or inmates to behave better if we don't?  It really is sad.  I expect so much more of my fellow officers and I will not stand by and allow bullies to destroy my profession.  I am speaking up and hopefully others will have the courage to do is as well.