Oopsie Style

Two boys wearing saggy pants.

Many people know that the now popular style of wearing your pants really low, like your butt is hanging out low, came from prison.  Though it now doesn't hold the same meaning (I am available for sex), inmates still wear their pants too low.  In order to do that, they get pants that are a couple of sizes too big.  The problem with that is that they aren't allowed to wear belts here so in order to keep their pants up, they tend to stick their hands in their pants and just leave them there.  Strange, but true.  It is extremely common.

So yesterday I am working in a unit that is no exception and has a ton of guys with the same style.  I am escorting the nurse to each of the tiers to give the inmates their medications when an inmate is walking across the tier near the nurse.  He then forgets that he has to leave his hands in his pants and takes them out for a second and realizes too late what a mistake that is; his pants now laying on the ground.  The whole tier, including the nurse, bust out laughing.  He put his head down and headed in his cell out of embarrassment.  I guess wearing low riders isn't always so cool.